Muslim Personals and Matrimonials: New Option for Young People

Muslim PersonalsIn the West, it’s not uncommon for men and women to meet through personal ads, either online or in newspapers. And though sometimes beautiful relationships ending in marriage ensue, those who use personal ads are putting themselves at risk. Because of the lack of safety and privacy, not to mention the improperness, Muslims in the West have avoided personal ads when seeking a wife or husband – until now. Now you can advertise on a Muslim personals and matrimonials site, and it could help you find the person you’re going to spend your whole life with.

In regular Western personal ads, people are seeking to meet and determine whether they like one enough well enough for a commitment; in Muslim personals and matrimonials ads and websites, people are seeking to NOT meet one another. Instead, advertisers and responders are seeking people they can talk to online, get to know in the safety of the Internet before taking the risk of meeting. They are people like you.

When you look for places to advertise Muslim personals and matrimonials, you should be certain to seek out only those websites which specialize in Muslim assistance. The others may not be at all what you’re looking for. You should also look for websites which offer at least part of their services for free. You need to be able to try a website out before you invest money in it. Some Muslim personals and matrimonials websites are completely free, but that doesn’t mean they are the best; it does mean that it’s not going to cost you anything but time to try them out.

The big question young people have about these websites is, do they work? The answer, as with many things in life, is “sometimes.” Muslims have traditionally used family and friend connections to find spouses, and when that failed, a matchmaker of one sort or another. With Muslim personals and matrimonials, the Internet has largely taken the place of the matchmaker. The difference is that you have to go through all the potential matches out there for you, instead of someone else doing it for you. Yes, there are some publicized instances of Internet matches through Muslim sites working. Naturally, this is something a couple might be reticent to speak about, so there are probably many successes that no one outside the families involved ever hear about. But when nothing else has worked, or when you aren’t happy with the matches your parents, family, and friends bring forward, it is an option for you to take control of your own matrimonial fate.

Though Allah prefers that we marry, he also wants us to be happy in our choice. If you are finding no good prospects through traditional means, or if you are finding your options to be limited, it is to your benefit to try a Muslim personals and matrimonial website, at least once, to see what is available through that path. The worst thing that could happen: you could lose a little time. But the best thing that could happen would be meeting your life mate by taking charge of your own destiny.

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