Your 1st Matrimonial Muslim Place

Meeting new people can be intimidating, and using technology to meet them can be truly frightening. When you visit and register at your 1st matrimonial Muslim place, you should be prepared with a few basic pieces of information.

First, you need to search your own heart. You should take your visit to your 1st matrimonial Muslim place seriously enough to know why you’re looking for a spouse. Do you want stability and financial security? To make your parents happy? Are you getting married because all of your friends are married? Or are you seeking a spouse because you’re truly ready, and you want to have a life partner in the eyes of Allah and the world? Only the final answer is the correct one; if you’re looking for marriage for any other reason, you should wait.

The second thing you should do to prepare for your 1st matrimonial Muslim place is to know first who you are, and then what you want in a spouse. How firm is your faith? How faithful to Islam, and how religious, do you want your spouse to be? Do you want a spouse who works, or one who prefers to be a traditional housewife and mother? Do you need your husband to make good money, or are you more concerned with other things like his religion, family, country of origin? It is a good idea to sit down and write out how you feel about Islam, life, your family, your future, and where you are now in life before visiting your 1st matrimonial Muslim place.

Once you know how you feel, you should write out some questions you’d ask a prospective spouse at your 1st matrimonial Muslim place. How does he or she feel about Allah? About the situation of the world in general? About the place of a Muslim in the world today? Do they have a job? What do they do? How do they feel about children, family, a home? Where do they want to live? How often would they call or visit their parents and other extended family, and where does their family live? (this is important – it can get very expensive to fly to Indonesia or Kuwait twice a year!) Once you have a list of your important questions, answer them yourself as if you were your perfect spouse. Now you know what you’re looking for!

You can find your 1st matrimonial Muslim place in many places online, from websites sponsored by Muslim organizations to those put together for more commercial reasons. Wherever you go, you should look for:

  • Free browsing of other Muslims’ ads;
  • Lots of advertisements seeking spouses that look as if they could satisfy your requirements;
  • A way to put your own ad up for free;
  • A way you can receive messages in a secure mailbox online, anonymously.

You can only find a spouse where you find others serious about finding spouses; and you need to do it in a safe, secure manner.

When you start looking for a spouse on your 1st matrimonial Muslim place, you should start slow. Email one or two prospects at a time, wait a reasonable amount of time for a response, then try again. Don’t spend too much money in the beginning; post as many free ads with different services as you like, but don’t subscribe for payment to more than one or two in the beginning. You only need one spouse; you don’t need to email everyone!

If you remember to keep safe, and to know yourself and what you want, your experience with your 1st matrimonial Muslim place is sure to be a good one.


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