Modern Muslim Clothing

Young Muslims recently have been tiring of Western modes of dress and are moving toward a more traditional type of clothing; yet they still want to be modern. Muslim clothing today, fortunately, can be found in a variety of styles and fabrics, using many modern fabric technologies (like wrinkle-resistant polyester) and with a more modern look than your grandparents’ clothes.

And can be found easily, thanks to the technology of the Internet. Even though you may be new to traditional life, you can find great clothes to wear, either to practice partial or to transform yourself completely into a traditionalist in dress as well as attitude. You don’t have to dress completely Muslim today in the West to follow the restrictions of the Qu’ran. Modern Muslim clothing should focus, rather, on modesty and showing one’s faith.

The restrictions of Muslim clothing for women primarily are that she should conceal her figure and most parts of her body. All parts should be covered except the hands and face; some variations of Islam say the face also should be closed. Covering the face is a very hard, if not impossible, restriction to follow in the West; but if you can reveal the face according to your specific faith, it’s really not hard to find clothes that cover everything else in an appropriate manner.

What many forget is that there are also restrictions in Muslim men’s clothing. Men should be as modest in appearance as women. Men should never wear clothing that seems similar to that of a woman, even in jest. They should cover everything, and clothing should be loose enough that all parts of the body are concealed. In addition, men should not wear clothing that looks like that of an unbeliever. Though Muslims should try to blend in and not draw attention to themselves, they should also clearly be believers.

Men should wear neither silk nor gold, though this restriction does not apply to women. And neither men nor women should not dress to display fame, pride, or vanity. Men and women should always remember Allah before themselves, and dress accordingly.

But how does one living in the West not dress like an unbeliever and still not draw attention? If you dress Western style according to the restrictions of the Qu’ran and then set yourself apart with one or two items, you are dressing according to these restrictions. More and more women in the West, for example, are wearing abaya. And if young Muslims embrace modern Muslim clothing restrictions and display their faith, it will make it increasingly easier for those who follow.

Allah says your best garment is the garment of righteousness. When dressing yourself with modern Muslim clothing, keep this in mind above all else. Dress in the manner that you must in public, but always keep the words of the Qu’ran in mind. Modern Muslim clothing should show your faith, not hide it, and one’s behavior should never reflect ill on Islam.

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