Finding a Muslim Clothing Store

Let's face it: you can't find a Muslim clothing store at a local mall, and often you can't find one even in your city. Partly because the need for it isn't recognized in most parts of the west, Muslim clothing stores or even stores that carry some Muslim clothing are rare.

You have only a few options:

  • Make your own Muslim clothing, or have someone make it for you. But you can't even find patterns for Muslim clothing in stores that sell sewing supplies. There are some patterns available online, but most Muslim clothing today is sold in stores.
  • Travel to a Muslim clothing store that your friends, family, or fellow Muslims have told you about. This could entail driving for long distances for clothing stores, only to find that the clothes they sell don't fit or don't suit you at all, whether because you don't like them or because the style of dress is not quite your flavor of Islam.
  • Look for a Muslim clothing stores online. With the Internet, even Muslim clothing stores on the other side of the world are in your home. You won't have the pleasure of browsing through racks of beautiful clothing, but you will have the comfort and convenience of having your chosen clothing delivered to you.

If you do buy Muslim clothing online, you may need to have it altered. Especially for young people living in the West, Muslim clothing is mysterious and sized mysteriously, and you may have trouble figuring out whether it fits you properly at all until you receive it. Regardless of what any vendor says, one size does not fit all, and you may need some alteration, even if it's only a hemline change.

Even when you've received your Muslim clothing, if you're new to Islam you may not be certain how to wear it or even whether it really fits you properly. Speak to your imam or a Muslim elder whom you trust to find someone who can help you adjust your new clothes so that they fit you well. If you're in doubt while ordering, order something a little larger than you think you need. You can always remove cloth, but it's terribly hard to add more on!

Muslim clothing is not the oppressive outward sign of belief the West sometimes seems to think it is. Instead, it's an honorable and traditional way to demonstrate your belief in Allah, and as such should be worn with pride. Muslim apparel stores can help you strengthen your faith and show the world that you are proud to be part of Islam.

Though finding good Muslim clothing stores can be difficult, it's not impossible. In larger cities, you can find physical Muslim clothing stores, and online you can access Muslim clothing stores from all over the world. No matter where you purchase your Muslim clothing, remember that the best garments are those of righteousness and faith. Carry your faith in Allah before everything else in your life.


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