Proper Muslim Wedding Clothing

Your wedding may be the most important day of your life. Itís the day you fulfill one of the central tenets of the Prophet, and the day you join yourself forever to a young man or woman whom you love and respect. You are clothing yourself with the person you love, and you are becoming the garments of that person. For this day, if for no other day in your life, you should look your best with beautiful Muslim wedding clothing.

You canít find Muslim wedding clothing at your average bridal shop in the West. And you canít really fly to Dubai to purchase it. What you may not know is that you can find wonderful Muslim wedding clothing on the Internet. From your slippers to your headgear, you can dress yourself beautifully in honor of Allah and the man or woman you love.

Menís wedding clothing may consist of fairly ordinary Western-style suits, or he can go all out and dress completely traditionally. A manís wedding clothing probably depends more on his culture of origin than his religious tastes. Like women, men are restricted by modesty in what they wear, and men should not wear silk or gold. There should be at least one outward sign of a manís Muslim faith.

Womenís Muslim wedding clothing is, as in almost every culture, much more expensive and ornate than menís. Your wedding gown and accessories may be hand-beaded with hundreds of glass beads, and you may have to ship it in from Pakistan or Dubai. The wedding day of a Muslim woman is the one day that she should be the center of attention. You should look like a princess. But this may be cripplingly expensive.

Instead of buying a dress new, you may choose to rent or borrow one. If you are looking for this sort of bargain, you can find hundreds of wedding dresses online or through Muslim newspapers, rented either by companies or by other girls who are hoping to defray some of the cost of the gown by letting other girls use it as well.

Though men are not allowed, by the strictures of the Quíran, to wear silk or gold, women do not share this restriction. Even in wedding dress, a woman should not display her bare arms or head. She can, however, clothe herself in beautiful fabrics, displaying outwardly for her husband and her family the gorgeousness of her faith and purity. A woman dressing for her wedding should make her husband and family proud of her beauty and her piety.

When preparing for your Muslim wedding, clothing should be a primary consideration. Muslim wedding clothing should be modest and beautiful at the same time, an outward celebration of the life the bride and groom are looking forward to. Allah wants us all to be joyous in our lives and in the joining of two lives together. Part of being joyous is displaying to the world how proud we are to marry the one we have chosen.

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