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Choosing Muslim Woman Clothing

Muslim woman clothing, in recent years and particularly in the West, has gradually moved more and more toward regular Western dress as opposed to traditional dress; but very recently, it has been moving once again toward tradition.

This presents a problem for many Muslim women; clothing appropriate for Muslim wear has not been a traditional part of dress for Muslim females who do not live in a few specific countries for a very long time. Young Muslim women often donít know how to wear it, and especially where to get it. Fortunately, we live not only in a time of return to the principles of Muslim, but in an age when everything is as close as your computer. Many Muslim woman clothing stores are easily available on the Internet.

The first thing to remember is that, if you work in an office or where you may feel uncomfortable dressed as a Muslim in public, you donít have to dress in an obvious way. Something many young Muslims forget is that the purpose of clothing, especially for women, is primarily to deflect the eyes and scrutiny of others, to blend into the world around you so that you are free to serve Allah in modesty and privacy. Women only need to remember to cover everything within reason; for modestyís sake, you should wear long sleeves and long dresses that cover up to your neck. This can be done, if necessary, with Western-style suits, ordinary dresses, or with traditional Muslim woman clothing.

Your hair is also a concern. It may not be appropriate, in most situations, to wear something over it. At the very least, it should be worn in a modest fashion, pulled back and secured rather than flowing. But according to Quíran, you really should wear something that covers it completely. You can do this with a simple scarf, if you donít want to wear Muslim head coverings.

You may, however, find that you donít mind dressing as a Muslim in public. This is to be commended; one should never be made comfortable because of oneís faith, especially in the West where there is some hostility and plenty of suspicion directed at anyone who appears Muslim. If youíre one of those who prefer to dress as a Muslim instead of just modestly before Allah, you can find Muslim woman clothing and guides to dressing online. You can probably also find other women where you worship who will be able to help you determine what to wear and how to wear it when you choose Muslim woman clothing.

Whether you choose to wear a pretty scarf to cover your hair or to wear hijab proudly and openly in the world, always be modest about yourself. Itís okay to look nice and attractive; in fact, itís better if you donít try to be ugly. Thatís not what Islam is about. But you should always remember that Allah is greater than you are, and that your purpose in life is to serve him, not to wear pretty Muslim woman clothing.

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